Architecture has formed the background to my appreciation of design, aesthetics and the interaction between humans and their built and natural environments. But after a career in Architecture I am attempting to connect with a creative expression that has been pushed to the background by life and work.

Watercolour is my choice of medium and I have maintained a fascination with it since I was introduced to it at University. It was traditionally part of an architect's tools of trade but has since been replaced by digital technology. As an architect I embraced this new technology but the shortfalls in the digital software and hardware and complying with the various tiers of planning and building regulations had left me wanting a freedom of expression which watercolour painting affords me.

In my opinion, watercolour painting requires more cerebral planning than most mediums. It doesn't permit a lot of reworking and mistakes can mean the demise of the work. However watercolour offers me a freedom of expression as I relinquish control over to the medium and its interaction with the paper.

Life and work have given me a tapestry of narratives that give meaning and context to my paintings. The collaboration between painting, my work and life so far has given me that reconnection to my creative expression.