I was introduced to the watercolour medium in my first year of Architectural Studies in the late 1970's. Prior to digital technology, Architects primarily used watercolour to render their drawings, and although I entered the profession after watercolour was replaced with felt tip markers, I have always maintained a fascination with the medium. But it has only been in recently that I have been able to truly connect with it as an art form

What People Say

Muz Musgrove 2018

The joy of the art is that the pleasure is in the eye of the beholder therefore my assessment of Cynthia's work is purely personal.

The Art work is painted from the middle of the spectrum lending a mellowness. So correct in, what is essentially, a bucolic subject and accentuated by the use of watercolour. It's looseness is perfectly suited to the depiction of nature and its fluidity...…. I just know it is originally and artistically  executed

Ashley H 2018

I would describe Cynthia's work as relaxed, it comes from a place un-taught. The best place. 

Art is to be admired, enjoyed and to make the viewer feel. Your work does this. Well done

Courtney 2018

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Cynthia's paintings offer perspectives that position the viewer in tucked away spaces, silently watching life and landscape while the subject is blissfully ignorant it is being observed


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Thankyou for visiting my website today. All of the works featured in my catalogue are original watercolours and are for sale unless sold as indicated.  If you would like to purchase any artwork or would like any further information please